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Cone services are also part of our Solution to Suit proposal, making infrastructure and support even more complete.
LOADING CENTER Cargo management tool for carriers and shippers makes it possible to control expenses with supplies, maintenance, tire wear, etc. With this, potential costs are identified in advance and enable the planning of resources.
DEPOT One hundred twenty-two thousand m² of a yard can store 16,300 TEUs through the stacking of 6 heights. Electricity points for reefer (refrigerated) containers are also available in the area.
SEASONAL RENTAL (BUFFERING) An area of ​​up to 300,000 m² called “Buffer” meets peak demand from companies installed on the Cone platform. It can be handy for retail companies, for example, that need more than usual storage capacity at certain times.
SELF STORAGE A practical alternative for those who need small deposits. There is no need to deal with maintenance, cleaning, surveillance, taxes, energy, water, or fees for the area used.
ROAD SCALE Service available to check the weighing and seal of trucks at entry and exit, assisting in cargo tracking. Thus, it ensures greater control in the distribution and receipt of products. Measure: 18x3m Maximum load: 80,000kg
Tancagem e distribuição - Diesel
TANCAGEM E DISTRIBUIÇÃO - DIESEL Com a Petroflex, os membros do Cone contam com mais um serviço que gera agilidade, economia e comodidade para os seus negócios. A base de tancagem e distribuição de diesel oferece serviço de abastecimento com entrega em sistema de comodato para membros do Cone. Esse formato de entrega ao cliente facilita o armazenamento e otimiza o consumo.



Our services maximize our members' efficiency and are part of our solution, making it even more complete. We promote continuous innovation processes to anticipate needs and continue offering services that are prepared for the future. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to understand your needs better and thus develop a tailored configuration for your company.